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Training components to quickness: Reaction Speed, Movement Efficiency, Muscular/Tendon Stiffness, and Sport-Specific Coordination

Quickness Training 2
Jump Drills:

1.  Jump with Sprint

sets: 6

meters: 10 meters

         Assume athletic stance

         Two foot jump as high as possible, and land softly on ground with knees slightly bent

         Immediately decelerate from landing and explode into sprint

         Keys: Keep body under control upon landing // Work for limited ground reaction time between landing and exploding into sprint // Adhere to proper sprint mechanics 

2. Loaded Starts

sets: 3

meters: 20 meters

         Assume push-up position with body in straight line

         Place one foot under hips and press ball of foot into ground

         With weight loaded on front leg, explode out into sprint for specified distance

         Keys: Keep hips below shoulders when driving out // Explode into sprint as quickly as possible // Maintain forward lean throughout sprint

3.  Non-Countermovement Box Jump

sets/reps: 3x6

meters: 20 meters

         Assume athletic quarter-squat position with arms at sides

         Without lowering further into squat or cocking arms back, drive through ground to explode up onto box

         Step down slowly and return to start position

         Repeat for specified reps

         Keys: Don’t lower into squat or use backward arm movement to load jump // Land softly on box with knees bent

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