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Quickness Training Two includes a 20 Minute Workout with Three Parts to be completed 3 times per week

Quickness TrainingReaction Speed, Movement Efficiency, Muscular/Tendon Stiffness, and Sport-Specific Coordination

This workout should take 20 minutes and be completed 3 times a week:

Part 1: Jump Rope Drills

Quick Feet

sets: 2

time: 45 sec/15 sec rest

Both feet on ground, turn the rope as quickly as possible. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this drill. This is a great starting point if you aren't able to currently jump rope and if you are a master you can always work at improving your quickness.

1.  Lateral Quick Feet

sets: 2

time: 45 sec/15 sec rest

Exact same as above except you’re moving laterally as well: side to side and up and down.  This will help your ability to move laterally.

2.  Ali Shuffle

sets: 2

time: 45 sec/15 sec rest

Start with your feet staggered (one foot forward and one foot backward). Jump up and switch the feet so that you now have your other foot forward. Continue in this pattern working at contacting the ground at the same time with both feet. The Ali shuffle will help greatly with learning to recover with one foot forward (much like defense).

3.  Lateral Hurdle Step

sets: 2

time: 45 sec/15 sec res

Start with one leg off the ground with the knee up toward waist height. Hold that leg up and in position while hopping up and down on the other foot. This drill is great for improving single-leg power and elasticity. Make sure you start with shorter times (or fewer reps) with this drill as the stress on the lower leg is MUCH higher than the double leg versions listed above. Too much single-leg jump roping can cause shin splints!




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